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sand equivalent test equipment specification

Laboratory Testing Equipment for Soil AnalysisHumboldt's soil lab testing equipment includes Atterberg limits testing, hydrometer analysis, permeability, CBR, unconfined soil testers and sand equivalent testing. This equipment is used to evaluate soils per ASTM standards such as ASTM D1883, D4318, D2166 and D7928.sand testing equipment manufacturing e perienceSand Equivalent Test Equipment Humboldt Mfg. Co. Sand Equivalent Test Set. Sand equivalent serve as rapid field-correlation tests for soil testing. H-4378 Manually Operated Sand Equivalent Shaker. Ideal for use on job site to give more uniform shaking action. H-4342.XX Sand Equivalent Stock Solution.Motorised Sand Equivalent Shaker » » Vertex GroupMotorized Sand Equivalent Shaker is recommended for labs performing sand equivalent tests on a regular basis. Positive DC drive assures precise speed and stroke while eliminating errors. +91-69 09 069 069 +91 11 SitemapSand Equivalent Test Shaker at Rs 80000/piece | Soil ...Sand Equivalent Test Shaker - Buy Soil Testers at best price of Rs 80000/piece from Zeal International. ... All products are carefully handled through our quality management system to meet it as per standard specifications. Testing and calibration at each step is performed before final packing and dispatch from our warehouse to the designated ...


The sand equivalent test provides a measure of the relative proportions of detrimental fine dust or clay-like material in soil or fine aggregates. B. APPARATUS. The following equipment is required to perform this test. Detailed descriptions and specifications are included as necessary to assure standardization. Items bearing an Office of PurchasingMaterials Test Manual | Nevada Department of TransportationT102I Method of Test For In-Place Density of Treated and Untreated Soils and Aggregates; T103G Method of Test For Density and Moisture Content of Soils and Aggregates by The Use of Nuclear Density Gauges; T104E Method of Test For Apparent Specific Gravity of Coarse Aggregates; T106B Method of Test For Fabricating Paper Baskets For Stabilometer Specimens; T107B Method of Test For .Sand Equivalent - M&L Testing EquipmentWe are one of Canada's largest suppliers of materials testing equipment (destructive and non-destructive) for field & laboratory use. We offer complete sales, service and calibrations from our locations throughout Canada including electronic, electrical, hydraulic (to 10,000 psi) and mechanical on-site calibrations to C.S.A. & A.S.T.M. specifications.

Sand Equivalent Test Equipment - Gilson Co.

Gilson's sand equivalent test equipment includes the components necessary for running the sand equivalent test. The test procedure indicates the relative proportions of undesirable clay-like fines in granular soils and fine aggregates. It is used in conjunction with the Durability Index Test which measures the resistance of aggregates to ...Sand Equivalent Shaker - parsrostestSTANDARDS : EN 933-8 / ASTM D2419 / AASHTO T176 / BS 1924 / UNI / UNE 83131. Sand Equivalent Shaker is used for the uniform shaking of Sand Equivalent Measuring Cylinders, at a specified rate and stroke.. The horizontal movement, cycle and shaking time can easily be adjusted on the shaker to comply with EN or ASTM standards.Sand Equivalent Test Set - CantrolComplete Set for Sand. Equvalent Test. Plexiglas Measuring Cylinder with Rubber Cap. Weighted Foot Assembly for sand level. Steel Cup. Irrigator Tube with Stopcock and Syphon Assmebly. Plastic bottle 4L. Capacity. Digital. Stopwatch. Qty. Per Package – 4. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Dim.LxWxH – 100x100x435mm. 4 x 4 x 17" 50x470mm. 2 x 18.5" 38cc ...Sand equivalent test set - matestThe sand equivalent test set (complete) comprises: S158-01N Plexiglass measuring cylinder engraved at 100 and 380 mm, with transparent adhesive label, graduated in mm and inch (5 pieces). S158-02 Rubber stopper for cylinder (2 pieces)V176-02 Graduated rule 500 mm, stainless steelV136-01 Funnel, wide mouthS158-04N Mesuring can 85 ml capacityV121 Plastic bottle, 5 litre capacitysand equivalent test equipment - Roy ConceptUse of the Sand Equivalent Test. II. Apparatus A. Sand Equivalent Test Equipment – graduated plastic cylinder, rubber stopper, irrigator tube, weighted foot assembly, and siphon assembly, with mechanical shaker, all conforming to specifications, dimensions, and setup as .

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Overview. The sand equivalent test (Figure 1) is a rapid field test to show the relative proportions of fine dust or clay-like materials in fine aggregate (or granular soils). The term "sand equivalent" expresses the concept that most fine aggregates are mixtures of desirable coarse particles (e.g., sand) and generally undesirable clay or plastic fines and dust (ASTM, 2003{{1}}).These ...Method of Test for SAND EQUIVALENT OF SOILS AND FINE ...A. Sand Equivalent Test Equipment – graduated plastic cylinder, rubber stopper, irrigator tube, weighted foot assembly, and siphon assembly, with mechanical shaker, all conforming to specifications, dimensions, and setup as designated in AASHTO T 176.METHOD OF TEST FOR SAND EQUIVALENTSand Equivalent Test Apparatus: a graduated plastic cylinder, rubber stopper, irrigator tube, weighted foot assembly, and siphon assembly, all conforming to the specifications and dimensions shown in Figure 1. A glass or plastic container with cover, having a minimum capacity of 1 gal, and fitted with the ...Sand Equivalent Testing - Classification - Soils | FORNEY LPSand Equivalent Testing Laboratory or field test shows relative proportions of clays and fines in granular soils, sand or aggregate fines. Claylike materials remain suspended while heavier materials settle.Cement Standards and Concrete StandardsASTM's cement and concrete standards are instrumental in the evaluation and testing of concrete, cement, and aggregates. Concrete can have different properties depending upon the mixture that is used in creating it, which contains cement, chemical admixtures, and aggregates.Sand Testing Equipment - Sand Testing Device Latest Price ...Specifications: - The equipment comprises of a conical metal mould 1.5 dia at the top, 3.5 dia at the base and 2.7/8 in height and a metal tamping rod ... Supplier & Exporter of sand equivalent test apparatus. sand equivalent test apparatus manufactured by us provides a Measure of the relative proportions of detrimental fine dust or clay-like ...ASTM D2419 - Standard Test Method for Sand Equivalent ...scope: This test method is intended to serve as a rapid fieldcorrelation test. The purpose of this test method is to indicate, under standard conditions, the relative proportions of clay-size or plastic fines and dust in granular soils and fine aggregates that pass the 4.75-mm (No. 4) sieve.cost of sand equivalent test equipmentsand equivalent test equipment specification . Mechanical sand equivalent shaker Stock calcium chloride solution 75-mm (No. 4) sieve Fine aggregate Sand equivalent test equipment Test Procedure. Prepare fine aggregate passing a 4.75-mm (U.S. standard No. 4) sieve, oven dried and room temperature condition, before testing. Contact Supplier

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